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My friends over at DIS Copenhagen thought it would be a great idea to let me write some stories about my adventures in Copenhagen for their website. While you're here, read about my adventures abroad, and learn about DIS - Study abroad in Scandinavia

Tour de Bornholm

Tour de Bornholm

Guess who has two thumbs, very sore legs and biked 40+ miles this weekend??

your two thumbed biking pal!

If you guessed THIS GAL ^^ then you are correct-a-mundo.

This weekend was truly quite the adventure! My friend Madi and I signed up for a DIScovery trip to the adorably Danish island of Bornholm for 48 hours of biking, hiking, and exploring the quaint towns scattered across this archipelagic gem.

We were planning on leaving Friday night, but the ferry we were scheduled to take was cancelled due to weather, so we took a spontaneous trip to a tattoo parlor…more on that later… and hopped on a bus at 6am Saturday morning to make up for lost time. After a sleepy bus ride to Sweden, an unexpectedly choppy ferry ride, and another quick shuttle across the island, we arrived in Gudhjem and were greeted by the cutest hostel you ever did see, and a fleet of bikes anxiously waiting for us to begin our adventure.

We dropped our bags, zipped up our rain gear, snapped on our ~trendy~ helmets, and headed out on an epic “Tour de Bornholm.” We stopped along the way to say hello to cows, rejoice at the sight of rainbows when the sun came out, and to pick apples from the side of the road – YUM.

When we finally arrived at our first stop, Allinge, our kilometer count was 16 and our tummies were eager for lunch. Our first stop was the Allinge Røjeri – a fish smokehouse and Bornholm tradition. Once refueled by fish and chips and smoked herring on Rye bread, we set out to visit the Hammershus Castle - the largest castle ruins in Northern Europe.

We explored for a while and pretended that we were the kings and queens of Denmark, before biking back to our hostel to top off our kilometer count at 40 for the day. After a delicious dinner with our fellow DIS road warriors, we headed to bed with dreams of hopping back on the road first thing in the morning.

On Sunday we were up and ready to rock – breakfast eaten and helmets on – by 9am. We rolled out en route to Svaneke, stopped for a scenic hike, and arrived just in time for lunch and ice cream.

We ate a lunch of traditional Smørrebrød at the Bryghus and followed it up with ice cream at the “best ice cream shop in Denmark” - Svaneke Is. With clear eyes and full tummies, we headed back to our cute town of Gunhjem for some exploration before our journey back to Copenhagen.  

total kilometer count: 72

For those of you who are *perspective* DIS students: Going on a DIScovery trip was honestly such a power move. The trip was all coordinated by DIS and that included meals, transportation, housing, and bike rental for much cheaper than it would’ve been to book on our own. We also got a ton of freedom, it didn’t feel like a school field trip at all, so as Hannah Montana so artfully put it “best of both worlds.”

For all you average joes not planning on studying with DIS: Hey! I appreciate you and hope you are having a lovely day right this very moment. Don’t feel excluded - you should also add Bornholm to your bucket list because it’s the dopest Danish island that ever was. If you don’t think you’ll ever make it there, enjoy the pics below, I give you full permission to live vicariously through me.


Hej Hej,


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